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Building learning cycles

With shortening build-measure-learn cycles and implementing them in the process, I make your teams smarter.

Optimizing business value

Using a data-driven approach I organize the right data to evaluate the business value for making the right decisions.

Empowering teams

In the process of developing highly performing teams, I inspire and motivate the teams by challenging their ideas and solutions with a positive tone.

Developing product visions

With a clear and inspiring product vision I enable the teams to find creative and innovative solutions to the right customer with an optimal user experience

Creating product roadmaps

With highly engaging strategic product roadmaps I engage senior management and other business stakeholders.

Managing product backlogs

With clearly formulated epics and user-stories I collect needs and requirements for the team with leaving enough initiative to the team to come up with the right solutions.

Brecht Swanenberg

+316 18 11 76 97