High performing


Optimizing customer journeys

Relevant acquisition

Attracting the right users for your proposition.

  • Technical SEO and site performance improvement
  • Channel strategy development
  • Organizing for succesful campaigns
  • Validation of your messages
Engaging activation

Convincing users about your proposition in their first interaction.

  • Validating call-to-actions
  • Using a clear content hierarchy
  • Simplifying first activation steps.
  • Turning on your wow-factor
Customer Retention

Making users come back after their first visit

  • Setting up retention flows and notifications
  • Redefining activation for retention
  • validating retention incentives
Enthusiastic referral

Enabling users to share their experience easily.

  • Setting up sharing possibilities
  • Setting up referral programs
  • Searching for social synergies with your acquisition strategy

Maximizing customer lifetime value.

  • Optimizing checkout for conversion
  • Testing for maximum order value
  • Developing additional services
  • Optimizing your earning model

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